More Than Just a Second Chance


The Canine Healing Project is a non-profit affiliate of The Noble Dog Hotel, located in Greenville, SC. The project focuses on working with the local shelter and rescue groups to identify dogs with the potential to be trained as therapy dogs. Some of our dogs will not have the best temperament to move forward as a therapy dog, however they will still remain in our program until their furever family is found.


These noble dogs reside at The Noble Dog Hotel during their training. We urge each adopter to become certified as a handler for the dogs we deem appropriate to be therapy certified. Once certified, the dog/handler team can participate in the community therapy dog program, which involves visits to local hospitals, schools, nursing homes, special needs centers, and more.


Therapy dogs provide a valuable service to the community, but they are not to be mistaken with service dogs, who provide a specific service to individual owners. We hope you take some time to learn more about the wonderful dogs we have in our program!


Featured Dog: Ginger
Ginger is about 6 years old. She had a rough start to life and we know she has had at least a few litters of puppies. Most likely she was also kept in a crate or tied up since most of her teeth are filed down, probably from trying to escape whatever was holding her captive. It takes her a minute to trust you, rightly so, but once she does she is goofy and full of love. Will you give Ginger a chance?
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